At first when doing my drawings in the Japanese Garden, it was a little awkward for me trying not to look at my paper while sketching. It was a complete different experience that forced me to let go of all fear of messing up and it also forced me to have  confidence in myself and of what I was drawing. My representational drawings are based off of specific scenery from the Japanese Garden, I went into great length trying to capture specific details from the way the leaves around the flower and bush looked to even the shapes and water ripples among the Lille pads. I enjoyed doing the abstract drawings the most, I felt more confident in them and I feel that I drew them the best over the representational drawings. I think abstract drawings are more fun to create since there is no possible way of going wrong, I guess this allows the drawer to not hold back as much.

Taking abstract photos was a little confusing to me also, until I was informed of what and how to do it. Unfortunately I already took the photos before being informed, so I tried to change the views of picture after in a way that gives the images a different view/ angle.

Garden abstract pic 1Garden abstract pic 2Garden abstract pic 3Garden pic 1Garden pic 2Garden pic 3

(top 3 are abstract)